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Democrats Propose Constitutional Amendment to Recognize Voting As A …

Democrats Propose Constitutional Amendment to Recognize Voting As A Fundamental Right

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It’s remarkable that our right to vote is vulnerable to the whims of lawmakers looking for new ways to rig elections in their favor. There is nothing in our constitution that specifically guarantees our right to vote.

During his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Obama said this about voting rights.

 We may go at it in campaign season, but surely we can agree that the right to vote is sacred; that it’s being denied to too many; and that, on this 50th anniversary of the great march from Selma to Montgomery and the passage of the Voting Rights Act, we can come together, Democrats and Republicans, to make voting easier for every single American,

On Thursday, U.S. Representatives Mark Pocan (D-WI) and Keith Ellison (D-MN) hope to change all that with their proposed constitutional amendment to guarantee every American’s right to vote. This isn’t the first time Representatives Pocan and Ellison have tried to make the vote a constitutionally protected right. They proposed a similar constitutional amendment in 2013.

Rep. Pocan notes on his website:

 I believe a country built on the foundation of civic participation should never tolerate any politically-motivated threats to our ability to express our views at the polls. That is why I introduced legislation, the Pocan Ellison Right to Vote Amendment, which would explicitly guarantee the right to vote in the Constitution, provide all Americans the affirmative right to vote, and empower Congress to protect this right.  A voting rights amendment would positively affirm our founding principle that our country is at its strongest when everyone participates.

This follows years of vote suppression in Republican controlled states and the 2013 the Supreme Court ruling that put the Voting Rights Act on life support. In that ruling, the Supreme Court called on Congress to update the preclearance formula in the VRA.  Congressional Republicans resisted efforts to update the preclearance based on the illusion that the VRA has out lived its usefulness.  Thirty-one states introduced or passed over 190 vote suppression laws some of which have been upheld by the Roberts Supreme Court based on a ruling by a Federal Court Judge who has since admitted, he got it wrong in that ruling.

The proposal that recognizes the vote of all Americans who are of legal voting age as a “fundamental right” presents a challenge to Republicans who have resisted efforts to revive the voting rights act and other efforts to making voting easier and more accessible to American citizens. If history is an indicator, Republicans will say one thing than do the polar opposite.  It’s their m.o. be it on voting rights, opportunities for working Americans or anything else they’ve approached.

Instead of working with Democrats on actual job creation, Republicans are trying to sell the Keystone Pipeline as a jobs bill or an infrastructure bill or whatever magical phrase will garner support for the ultimate wet kiss to big oil. While the latest version of the real Mitt Romney talks about his new found concern about income inequality and Jonie Ernst gives bread bag speeches, Republicans continue to push tax cuts for the rich and increase taxes on middle and lower income Americans, a policy certain to further increase the income inequality they say they’re concerned about.

Don’t be surprised if Republicans talk about their commitment to protecting your voting rights while simultaneously voting against the Pocan-Ellison proposal and any measure that would revive the Voting Rights Act. It’s the scorpion/frog story all over again.

Image: PR Watch

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John Boehner: Speaker Of The House Shows Off Orange Glow At SOTU

Boehner doesn’t like being called one of the “old white men” in congress. He is such a joke, and I vote Republican…..reluctantly.

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The GOP Wants to Turn America into the Ultimate No-Go Zone


The Republicans have gotten No-Go Zone Fever; they can’t shake it. But it’s like watching take off a meme about the moon being made of poisonous cheese that’s going to fall on our heads. It’s so obviously absurd.

And then I think of Fox News’ Mexicans sneaking across the border with their anuses stuffed with drugs a few years back, and then it became explosives in their anuses, and then came ISIL and Ebola, and then ISIL and Ebola working together and Mexicans sneaking across the border with Ebola, and before that, it was Benghazi.

For six years we have listened to Republicans invent a fake and increasingly bizarre reality from which to attack our first black president. They complain about no-go zones, but they seem determined to turn America into a no-go zone. A no-go zone for people who disagree with the invented reality they want to impose not only on us, as American citizens, but on the world.

Their reaction to President Obama’s SOTU the other night had an air of the unreal about it, with John Boehner blaming Obama of all people for income inequality, and Ted Cruz complaining to Megyn Kelly, “he just doubled down on the same failed policies of the last six years, more and more taxes and spending and death…”

Failed policies? Where has he been? Not with the rest of us, apparently.

What they are creating is a no-go zone for facts, like passing legislation (H.R. 1422) that would prevent scientists from advising the EPA in areas where they have expertise. You know, like climate scientists. Because the facts are not helpful to Republicans and their corporate owners, they want to replace actual scientists with industry “experts” who know a lot about how to extract oil or natural gas but nothing at all about the climate or environment (and who could care less).

Or H.R. 4435, which, because Republicans don’t like the Pentagon dealing with the reality of global warming and its threat to national security, as ThinkProgress explained, “forces the Defense Department to ignore the findings and recommendations of the National Climate Assessment and the IPCC’s latest climate assessment, specifically with regard to the national security impacts of climate change.”

“You can’t change facts by ignoring them,” said Mike Breen, Executive Director of the Truman National Security Project, and leader of the clean energy campaign, Operation Free. “This is like trying to lose 20 pounds by smashing your bathroom scale.”

But that is exactly what Republicans think they can do. They ignored them or legislated them out of existence under Bush, and they are more than willing to do it again under Obama.

Just look at some of the other absurdities they want us to accept:

  • The Keystone XL’s 35 permanent jobs somehow equates to 40,000 jobs;
  • That there is no global warming, even though, as President Obama pointed out in his SOTU Tuesday that, “2014 was the planet’s warmest year on record. Now, one year doesn’t make a trend, but this does — 14 of the 15 warmest years on record have all fallen in the first 15 years of this century”;
  • That it’s not rude to clap when President Obama says in his SOTU that, “I have no more campaigns to run,” but it is somehow rude for Obama to respond, truthfully, “I know, because I won both of them”;
  • That there are “no-go zones” in Europe even though there are no “no-go zones” in Europe and even though Fox News has admitted that it was wrong multiple times and despite lack of any evidence of no-go zones in Europe (see the point about reality is crap, below);
  • That there is a Benghazi conspiracy even though their own House Report that is the “definitive word” on Benghazi says there is no Benghazi conspiracy (see the point about reality is crap below);
  • That reality is “crap” and we should ignore it when we don’t like it and invent a reality more congenial to our biases;
  • That a bill – H.R. 30, the oxymoronically-named Save American Workers Act – is somehow not only a bill designed to “save American workers” but also somehow a jobs bill. But it doesn’t actually create jobs and is designed to not save, but hurt workers, stripping healthcare from them – at least a million of them says the CBO – circumventing the Affordable Care Act by defining full-time employment as 40 hours per week instead of thirty, the point at which employees currently become eligible for medical benefits;
  • That another bill – H.R. 37, the so-called Promoting Job Creation and Reducing Small Business Burdens Act – “would reduce the regulatory burden on Main Street workers and businesses” when in fact it is an attack on the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. What H.R. 37 actually does, says the White House, is “unnecessarily puts these working and middle-class families at risk while benefitting Wall Street and other narrow special interests.” (Statement of Administration Policy here).

If all of this has a sense of the unreal, it is because it is all based on fantasy. Even post-SOTU Republican fact-checking involved simply inventing facts to pit against the claims made by the President. And that’s not how it works. Fact checking, by definition, is checking claims against actual facts. Otherwise, the process is meaningless.

The ultimate effect of this is that America will become the ultimate no-go zone, a place where reality – the scientific underpinnings of our universe included – is not welcome. Now it’s all fine and dandy to indulge in fantasy, but there comes a time you have to turn off the video game and get back to work. It’s one thing to remind our kids that their video game isn’t reality, but our kids aren’t running our families. That’s what adults are for.

Do you see the problem? Republicans want to replace the laws of physics and say, “This is how reality works now” but you can’t legislate reality out of existence. We shouldn’t have to remind the guys who are supposed to be running the country that none of that stuff they’re saying is actually true. That it’s all a fantasy. An America they would like to have. Not an America that is. That the sea levels are going to continue to rise whether scientists are allowed to talk about it or not.

Feel like you’re trapped in a nightmare yet? You should.

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State of the Union: Happier Working Women


As America sat poised to hear President Barak Obama’s State of the Union address, I reflected instead upon the 2015 State of the Union for America’s Working Women.

If Tampa Bay is any indicator of national trends, then a 2015 kickoff luncheon portends greater authenticity, mindfulness and meaningful relationships for America’s working women.

Co-sponsored by Working Women of Tampa Bay and faith-based non-profit For the Girls International, the event welcomed hundreds of female entrepreneurs and professionals for an afternoon of motivation, education and inspiration.

Featuring Forbes Top 10 Women social media power influencer Kim Garst, CBS affiliate news anchor Dion Lim and Etiquette Coach Patricia Rossi, the event met working women exactly where they live today.

In addition to offering professional expertise, speakers provided transparent advice: Be authentic, carve out time for the kids and cultivate business through intimate relationships. Here are this year’s Take-Aways.

1. To Truly Succeed, Be Your Authentic Self

Arriving in a red dress made by her mom, CBS Affiliate 10 News Sarasota anchor Dion Lim provided multiple examples of how being genuine works in today’s business economy.

Recounting her fledgling years working for an ABC affiliate in Kansas City, she admitted to multiple insecurities: staff referred to her as “cheap” and “Asian.” In addition, her bobbing head and youthful, conversational method of reporting prompted further disapproving remarks from colleagues.

Dion’s desire for acceptance created such stress that she admits to having developed a stuttering problem. Her darkest moment arrived when she mispronounced the last name of U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner during a newscast. “I read his name like it rhymed with Stoner.”

Figuring her career was about to crash at age 23, she was surprised to learn that the top guy who hired her wanted to keep her on. He heard the embarrassing Boner gaffe, but reminded Dion of why he hired her: She was enthusiastic and possessed genuine spirit. He encouraged her to remain true to herself.

That year, Dion Lim was voted Kansas City’s #1 AM Newscaster and thrives today as her happy, genuine self in Tampa Bay.

2. Build Your Business as a Long-Term Process, Not an Overnight Sprint

Kim Garst, voted one of Forbes Top 10 Women Social Media Power Influencers, offered intimate career advice for women seeking to build their own successful brand.

“Stop worrying about what somebody else is doing and focus in on what’s important to you. There is no fast turn in business.” It proved weighty advice from a woman who started her social media endeavor 24 years ago as a stay-at-home mom.

In keeping with process, Garst reminded women to carve out separate space between business and personal life, an idea that often blurs in today’s work-at-home model.

She recounted one moment years ago as she sat on the living room floor, attempting to play Lego blocks with her son. Believing her physical presence compensated for a mind consumed with business, Kim was shocked to hear her son’s earnest cry as she conducted her phone conversation with a client.

“No phone, Mommy!” hit her in the gut as a reminder to be emotionally present with her growing little boy.

“I’ve gone through those phases where I’ve tried to be like someone else and it never works because you’re just you,” says the author of her new book Will the Real You Please Stand Up: Show Up, Be Authentic and Prosper in Social Media.

“Work in that season of your life,” she reflects.

“It’s a long haul and the learning curve for most things is immense. Be okay with the process.”

3. Cultivate Relationship Capital

Patricia Rossi, Etiquette Coach, author and host of NBC Daytime’s nationally syndicated Weekly Manners Minute, weighed in on the current State of the Union for America’s Working Women. In addition to admonishing women to learn to say no and warning against wanting to be liked, Rossi’s overriding message to working women was to cultivate quality relationships.

With a mantra that inspires putting other people at ease in both business and social life, Rossi struck another mindful chord. “Bond with people in your circle.”

Claiming today’s women live in both the Networking Age and Stiletto Age, she underscored the importance for women to build careers through meaningful relationships rather than the mere exchange of business cards. Drawing upon a quality most women possess, she encouraged scheduling regular coffee or lunch dates with new contacts.

Kim Metzer, Founder of For the Girls International and co-sponsor of the Tampa Bay Working Women event, underscored the value of women building meaningful relationships in professional and non-profit pursuits.

Metzger cited the wealth of talents within Tampa Bay Working Women community and the association’s vision to empower, equip and educate.

“(Those attributes) line up with who we are at For the Girls International. We help women live their fullest potential and recognize that as we broaden our circle of friends and business acquaintances, we all grow individually as we glean from each other.”

President Obama’s State of the Union address may have delivered hopeful sightings for the U.S. government in 2015. But with America’s Working Women mindfully moving toward greater authenticity, “present” time with the kids and quality relationship capital, this new year should prove professionally rewarding, too.


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Boehner and McConnell respond to Obama


The leaders of the new Republican majority Congress tell Scott Pelley they will consider President Obama’s proposal to triple the child care tax credit, but will not vote to raise the minimum wage, offer students free community college, or raise taxes on the wealthy. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, spoke to Pelley Thursday in a joint interview to be broadcast on 60 Minutes Sunday, Jan. 25 at 7 p.m. ET/PT. An excerpt appeared on the CBS Evening News.

A transcript of that excerpt is below:

PELLEY: From the president’s State of the Union, let me ask you – dead or alive – raise taxes on the wealthy?

BOEHNER: Why would he want to raise taxes on people? There’s no free lunch, and the president wants to raise taxes because he wants to increase Washington spending.

PELLEY: I’ll take that as a dead.

BOEHNER: Dead. Real dead.

PELLEY: Make community college free of charge. Dead or alive?

MCCONNELL: We added more debt during the Obama years than all the presidents from George Washington down to George Bush. The last thing we need to do to these young people is add more debt and giving away free tuition strikes me as something we can’t afford.

PELLEY: I’ll put that down as dead as well. Increasing the federal minimum wage?

BOEHNER: Bad idea.


BOEHNER: It’s a bad idea. I’ve had every kind of rotten job you can imagine growing up and getting myself through school, and I wouldn’t have had a chance at half those jobs if the federal government had kept imposing higher minimum wage. Low income jobs help people get skills and they can climb the economic ladder.

PELLEY: Finally, dead or alive, tripling the child care tax credit for working families?

BOEHNER: We’re all for helping working class families around America. I think we’ll take a look at this when he sends his budget up–something that could be looked at in the overall context of simplifying our tax code and bringing rates down for everyone.

PELLEY: Possible area of compromise here between the Democrats and the Republicans on the child care tax credit?

BOEHNER: Certainly something we’d look at.

MCCONNELL: I would just add trade. Virtually every Republican in the audience the other night stood up and applauded when the president talked about trade. So, John is absolutely right. There are areas of agreement that we can make some progress on, and we intend to do that. The fact that we differ on some things doesn’t mean we can’t go forward on other things.

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Netanyahu to address Congress on March 3, Obama not planning to meet with him

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address Congress on March 3, House Speaker John Boehner announced Thursday — though President Obama does not plan to meet with him. 

The House speaker had invited Netanyahu to speak to lawmakers about the threat from Iran. The announcement caught the president off-guard, as the invitation was not cleared first with the Obama administration; such invitations typically are coordinated with the White House and State Department. 

Asked Thursday about the visit, the White House said Obama would not meet with him, citing the country’s upcoming elections. Spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said that in keeping with “long-standing practice and principle,” the president does not meet with heads of state or candidates in close proximity to their elections. 

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., meanwhile, said it was inappropriate for Boehner to invite Netanyahu to address Congress in the shadow of that election and give the appearance of endorsing the prime minister. “If that’s the purpose of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit two weeks before his own election, right in the midst of our negotiations, I just don’t think it’s appropriate and helpful,” Pelosi said. 

But Boehner cast the invitation as part of Congress’ effort to stay tough on Iran, as the Obama administration forges a possible nuclear deal with the country. Boehner on Wednesday denied any suggestion he was “poking [the White House] in the eye,” though White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest noted the invitation was a breach in protocol. 

Boehner originally asked Netanyahu to speak in February. His office now says the prime minister will address a joint session of Congress on March 3. A source told Fox News the Israeli leader requested the date be changed so he only would have to make one trip to the U.S. before Israeli elections; he also plans to attend an AIPAC conference in Washington at the time. 

Boehner had announced the invitation a day after Obama delivered his State of the Union address, in which he threatened to veto a bill — backed by Republicans and some Democrats — to tee up more sanctions against Iran in case negotiations fail to curtail the country’s nuclear enrichment program. 

Obama warned the legislation would “all but guarantee that diplomacy fails.” 

But Boehner told members of the GOP House Conference on Wednesday morning they would not sit on the legislation. “Let’s send a clear message to the White House — and the world — about our commitment to Israel and our allies,” he said. 

Boehner signaled he wants Netanyahu to explain the stakes of the debate to Congress. 

The address would mark his third appearance before a joint session of Congress and his second during Boehner’s speakership. His previous addresses were in July 1996 and May 2011. 

Fox News’ Chad Pergram and The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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John Boehner Faces a Revolt of the Moderates

Having awakened from my slumber, I see that John Boehner has a whole new problem on his hands. Apparently the rump moderate wing of the the Republican Party is starting to feel itchy:

Female lawmakers pushed the party to drop Thursday’s planned vote on legislation that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, forcing leaders to abruptly switch course and pass a different antiabortion bill.

Last week, a surprisingly large group of 26 House Republicans refused to support an amendment that called for ending deportation deferrals of young immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Those dissenters came within one vote of tanking the measure aimed at so-called Dreamers.

This comes from LA Times reporter Lisa Mascaro, who tells us these folks “bristle” at being called moderates. The prefer to be called pragmatists. Tomayto, tomahto, says me, though it’s telling that “moderate” is still a dirty word in GOP land. It’s also telling that all this fuss is over bills that everyone agrees are nothing more than the usual symbolic flotsam and jetsam that Republicans pass every year with no actual hope of any of them becoming law. This year, though, they’re having trouble even doing that.

Why? Is it because the bills are slightly less symbolic than in the past? There is, after all, just a bare chance that some of them could get through the Senate if sponsors line up a few Democrats to join in. They’d still get vetoed, but they’d nonetheless be a little less symbolic in the public’s mind. Or is it simply the fact that as Republican ranks grow, the party’s victories increasingly come in more moderate districts? As Democrats lose ground in moderate districts and become more solidly liberal, perhaps it’s inevitable that Republicans will become more like the Democrats of old.

In any case, John Boehner has his work cut out for him. He’s got tea partiers on one side, moderates on the other, and a president who has been very effectively throwing sand in the gears of Republican priorities ever since November. Boehner’s leadership skills, always a bit on the iffy side, are going to be sorely tested this year.

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Iran Sanctions Supporters Don’t Want To Improve Nuclear Talks. They Want To …

WASHINGTON — House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) appeared to have pulled off a masterful political victory against the Obama administration Wednesday when he revealed that he had invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress on the dangers of the administration’s negotiations with Iran.

Coming a day after President Barack Obama threatened to veto new Iran-related sanctions legislation that he said could harm the negotiations, Boehner’s move looked like a smart way to reinforce support for such bills — a priority for the Republican-led Congress — by showing that the U.S.’s top ally in the region supported them.

Then things started to fall apart.

Secretary of State John Kerry, fresh off his fumbling on the issue of French solidarity, pulled off a diplomatic bank shot by using a different part of the Israeli government against Boehner. Asked about the invitation at a press conference with European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, Kerry diplomatically said Netanyahu was welcome in the U.S. any time — and proceeded to both steal Boehner’s thunder and turn news coverage in a different direction.

“In Israel, one of the top intelligence –- one of the top intelligence personnel within the Israeli intelligence field –- I won’t name names, but this person was asked directly by a congressional delegation that visited there over the weekend what the effect of sanctions would be. And this person answered that it would be like throwing a grenade into the process,” Kerry said. “So we’re asking people to be responsible here, and then let’s have a good, responsible debate about what the best way to proceed is.”

Kerry’s comment altered the conversation, making it about whether Republicans want to torpedo nuclear talks with Iran. The Obama administration describes the negotiations as the only way to ensure that Iran cannot gain a nuclear weapon to threaten the very country Boehner says the administration is failing: Israel. Kerry’s message: It’s Republicans, and the Democrats who support them on new sanctions, who would fail Israel by antagonizing Iran and destroying the chance of a peaceful resolution to the years-long controversy over Tehran’s nuclear program.

Within hours of Kerry’s comment, Bloomberg View columnists Josh Rogin and Eli Lake were out with an explosive story that said lawmakers present at the briefing with Israeli intelligence and staffers who were informed about it confirmed Kerry’s comment. They added that two senior U.S. officials had told them members of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, “shared its view with the administration that if legislation that imposed a trigger leading to future sanctions on Iran was signed into law, it would cause the talks to collapse.”

The question of what the Mossad said and how it is being interpreted is important because it forces lawmakers to be open about their intentions. Are they simply worried that Iran will renege on the agreement? Or do they genuinely want to blow up the talks?

Enter Tom Cotton.

The Republican freshman congressman-turned-freshman senator from Arkansas opened up while speaking to a conference at the Heritage Foundation on Jan. 15. In previously overlooked remarks, he had this to say about congressional proposals to threaten Iran with new sanctions: “Certain voices call for congressional restraint urging Congress not to act now, lest Iran walk away from the negotiating table, undermining the fabled yet always absent moderates in Iran. But the end of these negotiations isn’t an unintended consequence of congressional action. It is very much an intended consequence — a feature, not a bug.”

Cotton is a member of the Senate committees on intelligence and the armed services.

In December 2013, when The Huffington Post first reported that backers of new sanctions were hoping to blow up the negotiations and would push the region closer to war, charges of anti-Semitism were leveled by the Anti-Defamation League and two other national Jewish groups.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Germany, Britain and France published an extraordinary joint op-ed in The Washington Post, pleading with Republicans to back off the effort before the sensitive talks are derailed.

Kerry’s comment indicated that some elements within Israel share that view. His suggestion that Israeli officials were advising U.S. lawmakers as to how to save the diplomatic process presented the Mossad as out of step with Netanyahu’s stated skepticism about how Obama is handling the nuclear negotiations. In fact, the Mossad comments gave the administration a new talking point in convincing lawmakers to oppose sanctions, Lake and Rogin claimed. The Jerusalem Post quoted Israeli officials calling Kerry’s revelation “Obama’s revenge” for the Boehner invite.

Israeli officials scrambled. The Mossad’s leader issued a statement Thursday denying that he was opposed to sanctions, calling them “the sticks necessary for reaching a good deal with Iran.” He said that he spoke about “throwing a grenade,” as Kerry had said, he meant that new sanctions would mean “creating a temporary crisis in the negotiations at the end of which talks would resume under improved conditions” — seemingly giving pro-sanctions lawmakers the ability to once again call themselves supporters of smart nuclear diplomacy.

Back in Washington, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was left to explain away the discrepancy Kerry had exposed — and to try to sustain the image of solidarity between Israel and the sanctions supporters that Boehner had hoped to project.

“There’s always been some differences, because Mossad is sort of autonomous, and the way that the Israeli system works, I’m not surprised that there are some differences,” McCain told HuffPost. “But both Mossad and Bibi are together on a major aspect of this — they’re against the Iranian deal. They are in agreement in that. The question is what do they feel about actions here in Congress? And there are some differences about the sanctions regime between Mossad and Bibi.”

Still, the story had shifted as Kerry boxed the Republicans into admitting their possible true intentions — and all Boehner was left with was a promise for a Netanyahu address at the time of the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in early March, by which point the administration has said it hoped to already have a framework for the deal.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu got his own rebuke as the White House revealed that it would not meet with him during that March trip. “We do not see heads of state or candidates in close proximity to their elections, so as to avoid the appearance of influencing a democratic election in a foreign country,” said National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan.

Ryan Grim and Ali Watkins contributed reporting.

This article has been updated to include comments from McCain and additional background on Cotton.

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John Boehner: Tea Party makes money by targeting me

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. (Cliff Owen, AP)

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. (Cliff Owen, AP)

House Speaker John Boehner says Tea Party supporters who like to criticize him for not being conservative enough are targeting him to make money.

In a joint interview with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell airing Sunday, Boehner defends his conservative voting record to Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes and explains his differences with hard-line conservatives in the House Republican conference.

“The issue with the Tea Party isn’t one of strategy. It’s a disagreement over tactics, from time to time,” Boehner said. “Frankly, a lot is being driven by national groups here in Washington who have raised money and (are) just beating the dickens out of me.”

That strategy, Boehner contends, “works. They raise money, put it in their pocket and pay themselves big salaries.”

Boehner won a third term as House speaker earlier this month, but 25 Republicans voiced objections to his leadership by voting for someone else. The Ohio lawmaker has pushed back on his conservative critics before by touting a record and voting history that he says makes him “the most anti-establishment speaker we’ve ever had.”

Asked by Pelley about how many Republican parties there are, Boehner said there is only one.

“And we continue to bring those members along, and they bring ‘em along,” Boehner said. “But it’s always a work in progress.”

CBS News provided excerpts of Boehner’s comments.


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@GedankPol @DrPeeper @Thunderchicken @Slayer98_l @Knightkore …

Netanyahooo will never be here to address Congress on March 3rd.
Israelis running against him who are ensuring Bibi is booted out of office on March 17th will not let Bibi get any unfair political freebie from Republicans craven enough to mess with an Israeli election, just to try and elbow the President.

In a week or two, Bibi will suddenly have to “reschedule” his visit.
Just another knee jerk hissy-fit by Boner……another “Ready, Fire, Aim!!” by OrangeMan.

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