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You know it’s an interesting time in Republican Party politics when a Republican has to explain why he took a picture with Speaker of the House John Boehner.

The Republican in question, congressional candidate Clint Didier, has repeatedly promised to vote against keeping Boehner as speaker if elected in November. But a 2010 photo of the two smiling together that made the rounds on social media this week drew cries of hypocrisy and led Didier to explain himself on his Facebook page.

“Yeah, I did have my picture taken with Mr. Boehner but he wasn’t even Speaker then,” Didier said on Facebook. “He became Speaker of the House the following year. We all had high hopes for him in that role, but he certainly didn’t live up to mine.”

Skeptics of Didier’s anti-establishment rhetoric also noted Didier wearing a sticker on his chest in the Boehner photo promoting the campaign of Congressman Doc Hastings. Hastings has endorsed Dan Newhouse, Didier’s opponent in the race for the seat that Hastings is vacating.

“And yes, I attended a fundraiser for Doc Hastings,” Didier went on to say in his Facebook post. “We have been friends who have always shown mutual respect for each other.”

That may have been the case up until Hastings endorsed Newhouse earlier this month. On that same day Didier’s campaign slammed Hastings as a “beltway insider” from whom he never expected to receive an endorsement.

Didier donated $400 to Hastings’ 2010 re-election campaign, according to Federal Elections Commission filings. Newhouse didn’t contribute to any of Hastings’ most recent campaigns, according to the FEC filings available online dating to 2008.